Friday, June 12, 2009

Speed Wobble.

So Me, Gilby and Rob set out to go to the Biltwell Salton Sea Run. I get on the freeway and the chopper starts bouncing around with Crazy Speed wobbles while I'm punchin' 80. Talk about feelin' like you're totally fucked. I pull in the clutch skid to a stop on the left divider of the 101 and check it out. Nothing out of the ordinary. Start rollin' again, start to get another wobble goin' around 60-65. Thinkin' it might be low tire pressure with the additional weight (Camping Gear) and very springy springs. Filled the tire with more pressure... Felt weird still, so Screw It, call AAA.

Waiting for AAA at a Mobil station

The AAA Guy- "I kicked that cops ass in the evidence room...fucked him up."
took me to King T's Kustoms in Burbank

Holly at King T's

Troy called the guy at Denver's and the owner Mondo answered, telling him to give the springs on the springer more tension by flipping the rockers which Troy did...

Notice^ (Before)

AND gives me more VERY much needed ground clearance, Thanks Troy!

Then rode it home, everything felt better on the bike but super bummed
I couldn't make the Salton Sea Trip.

Slept for like three hours, woke up and went to dinner at Madeo with Petey and Beth.... Goodtimes.

Petey and Beth
(Love Them!)


  1. Cool pics with story. Glad to hear bike worked out. Salton Sea will have to wait.

  2. Hey JD, bummed to hear about that, I never flipped the rockers because I didn't like how they looked, but if it helps, then gotta do it. Get that front tire rebalanced too. Those weights like go come off or move and that front tire will get hopping...usually around 80 or so too. happened to me more than once. Hope all is well. Mike

  3. Headshake is scary stuff, good to hear you kept it upright.