Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Ojai Fourth Of July.

The Clarke Bros., The Girls and Myself took a little trip out to Ojai for the fourth...

Gettin' Ready
The Open Road.
What's that bulge on the sissy bar? Lots of FireWorks!

Santa Paula

Santa Paula Train Station

We Have Arrived.

Gilby and Dean at the Ojai Shindig

Ramone in her Granny Takes A Trip Python Knee-High Boots,
Antique Turquoise Jewelry and South Paradiso Velvet Orange Hooded Cape
with Hermes Crocodile Bag at the Ojai Inn and Spa.
(Typical Ramone Attire)

Gilby Causin' Trouble

J.D. Causin' Trouble

Meetin' up at the restaurant for a Big Steak
before the fireworks

Gilby (While watching the fireworks display):
Ooooh!... Ahhhh!

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