Sunday, September 27, 2009

Born Free.

Just About all the machines there were frighteningly good. A Salute to Grant, Harpoon and everybody who put that thing into action, Super Bad... Keep On Keepin' On.

Will's Pan (Revisited)

Dig it.

Mcgoo (far left) "got it up to 11!"
"What is the best Rock Drummer of all Time J.D.?!?"

J.D.'s (not me) Scoot

Shane and Riki

Dean checkin' out Gilby's Knuckle

Harpoon and Grant announcing the winners

Gilby won for Top American Pre-84


Gilby and Troy "King T" Honeycutt (The Bike's Builder and Founder of King T's Kustoms)
with their winning Knucklehead

Harpoon's Fantastic Paint Creations and his Pals who ride 'em

More Photos Here


  1. Thanks JD for making it to our show and if we had a trophy for sweetest duds you win best in show!!You were looking good!