Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Well Soon Gilby.

Hey Everybody, earlier today while Gilby and I were riding back from the Easyriders show in Pomona, we were a few blocks from home when a pick-up truck making a left turn pulled out right in front of Gilby and he collided into to the back bed. The truck fled the scene (may have been drunk). He got some bad breaks in two places in his lower leg along with getting banged up. He's in the hospital now and needs surgery. I'd like to ask you to put him and his family in your thoughts and pray for a swift and full recovery.


Feel free to leave him any well wishes on this CC Thread


  1. Hell ! I'm so sorry to read this... thanks for the post JD. Get well soon Gilby WE NEED YOU to play your Gibsons ! The bastard who did that to you will live to regret it. Chin up !

  2. G, get well soon man, let me know if you need anything at all.

  3. Bummer, You guys were just walking in as I was rolling out. Sorry to hear, I saw Gilby's ride at the David Mann show. It look's like some paint was added since then. Hope for a speedy recovery. JD, if your going to the NAMM show stop by the DigiTech booth and say "hey" Doug

  4. sorry didn't mean to hit Anonymous

  5. Get better Gilby! Poon and i are rooting for you.