Sunday, August 30, 2009

Help Ride.

Long, Hot ride down to Temecula. The Help Ride.

Rob's gettin' ready.

Eric and Rob at The Bank in Old Temecula

Celtic Rock!

It's VIP!

Gilby doin' a radio Interview

I answered the radio station's question right and won a Quick Chopper!
(as seen on T.V.)

Sound Check?

Right before my brake handle fell off...

Right before I got gravel in my BDL Belt


Looks like I'm F#*ked!




Dean got his truck and gave me a lift back to town. Thanks Dean.

And Now Gilby Clarke...

Tijuana Jail

Time to go home...
AAA finally came around 12am, man that was a LONG day.

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  1. thanks for supporting the ride JD. i do appreciate it !