Friday, August 14, 2009

Gun Slingin'

Ramone Sparkling up to the Shooting Range ready to Fire Off Some Hot Smokin' Lead with her Tarina Tarantino Gypsy Hello Kitty Bag in tow.

"The Shootist" a.k.a. J.D. with a S&W 357

Daniella, shootin' like a pro

Riki with his quick draw "Finger Pistols"

Frankie was blastin' the targets to shreds with the Henry Rifle.

Riki with his "Hippy Killer"

Gilby let me borrow his beautiful Pearl Handled Vaquero.
Hard As Nails, like Jack Palance from "Shane"!

That's some Mighty Fancy Gun Slingin' Pard!
Gilby with his Henry.

Bulls Eye!

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