Sunday, October 4, 2009

Johnny Ramone Tribute '09

A Swell time was had by all.
There were tons of things to do,
thousands of very nice fans giving homage to
Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone and a 3D horror classic.

Linda with Johnny


Drexel (Mandy's dog, which was just neutered that day! Rough Stuff.)

P.J. Soles (from R&R High School) and Ramone

Suzanne and John

Linda and Meghan McCain

Jonesy- "I don't wanna bloody MINGLE!"

Me, Linda, Vincent

David, Linda and Vincent

Romulous and Jessica (South Paradiso Leather),
are all ready for Night Of The Living Dead.

Gilby and Daniella

Jim, Ramone, Andrew


Zoey, Rosanna, Sandy, Ramone and Rose

Rose gave a great introduction to the film
and shared some really good Johnny stories with the audience.

Night Of The Living Dead 3D!

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