Sunday, October 11, 2009


Gilby and I rode up to Ojai and met up with the rest of the gang.

Chris, Matt, Gilby, Caleb, Bill, Slim at the Deer Lodge in Ojai

There was some really great riding pretty much the entire way.

We raided The Burger Barn.
Caleb-"You guys got any Burgers?"

The folks at Burger Barn called the gas clerk from his
house so he could open the station for us to fill up.
It was the only station around for about 110 miles. This was out front.

(The other) J.D.'s plugs fell out...

...but Jiffy Pop still intact.

Almost there.

Bill, Caleb, and Gilby sited outside Guiseppi's in Pismo.

Nice warm fire at the camp site.
"That's Amazin'!"-Hewel Howser

Good Mornin'

Caleb had some trouble with the "Shop Truck".

Riding to breakfast,
Matt and Slim.

Rock N' Roll Diner!

Caleb, J.D., Slim

Headed for...

Piston Toss

We hung out for a bit, then Gilby and I took the 101 home.

Good Times.


  1. Great ride my friends!there isn't nothing like ride with your brothers and forget the problems...

    Ride hard.

  2. Awesome weekend to spite my picky Shop Truck. Always killer riding with you my man!


  3. HAHA! Man, Likewise! We had a bad ass posse goin'. Wish we could do it more.

  4. Thanks Chris, it was swell rollin' with ya.

  5. Good stuff, JD. One of these days I'm going to RIDE a motorcycle!

  6. JD, that was indeed a brilliant weekend and how about the 33? bloddy fuckin' hell bruv.
    Matt xxxxx