Sunday, August 30, 2009

Help Ride.

Long, Hot ride down to Temecula. The Help Ride.

Rob's gettin' ready.

Eric and Rob at The Bank in Old Temecula

Celtic Rock!

It's VIP!

Gilby doin' a radio Interview

I answered the radio station's question right and won a Quick Chopper!
(as seen on T.V.)

Sound Check?

Right before my brake handle fell off...

Right before I got gravel in my BDL Belt


Looks like I'm F#*ked!




Dean got his truck and gave me a lift back to town. Thanks Dean.

And Now Gilby Clarke...

Tijuana Jail

Time to go home...
AAA finally came around 12am, man that was a LONG day.

The Henry Fonda Theater

Played The Fonda in Hollyweird.


Rose, Ramone, Inez

Rosanna & I

Fun Stuff.
Come on Down to my next show in Hollywood at the Hotel Cafe' on Cahuenga and Hollywood Blvd. at 10:30pm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Back And Fourth Tour

Day 1

From L.A. CA to Redding CA

Loading up the equipment for the Long Haul.

TJ Brass and I gettin' ready

Waiting for Buckshot at the house

Buckshot was really late because his other tour for another band ended right when ours started.
He literally loaded from one van into the next. This is a photograph of TJ with Buckshot's suitcase named "Mildrid."
Buckshot- "You are more happy to see Mildrid than you are to see me!"

We Drove all Night, landed in Redding and Hit the Hay.

Day 2

From Redding CA to Seattle WA

TJ in Densmuir

Burger Barn in Densmuir

TJ unpacking in Seattle

Midnight search for a late meal.

Day 3

Seattle, Show 2 at the Showbox

Woke up to this.

Roamin' through Seattle before setting up for the show... found a Pig Car.

This guy was really good.

Beth at the Showbox

Making all the proper preparations for our show.

Buckshot, Petey, J.D. & TJ

Petey right before hopping on stage.

Maxxy right before Hopping on Stage.

Zee had a Great show that night. That chili dog doesn't look bad either.

Midnight at a Diner

Day 4

Seattle, Show 2 at the Showbox

I passed out writing a song.

TJ's ready

Me and Petey before my show

Day 5

Seattle WA to Portland OR

We slept all day

Day 6

Portland, Show at The Roseland Theater

TJ in the Mark Spencer Hotel

Buckshot After Dark.

Day 7

From Portland OR to San Fransisco CA

Drove for over 12 Hours! Then slept.

Day 8

San Fransisco, Show at The Fillmore

Me, A.D., Jim and Ramone went to The Richard Avadon Exhibit at the SF MoMA


The Fillmore one second before our show.

The Fillmore.

Day 9

From San Fransisco CA to L.A. CA

Drove Home.

TJ Brass' Drums safe in his driveway

Man, we just drove over 3,000 miles!
I've traveled over 6,000 ground miles this month.

Time to get ready for our Next shows
at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood on the 27th and 28th of August.
Be sure to grab your tickets soon! We go on at 8pm, See ya there!

Also mark your calendar for The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood for our special headlining night,
we go on at 10:30pm.

I'm gonna post as many photo's I can of these past shows as I get 'em in.