Saturday, August 21, 2010


We come upon yet another chapter in this epic saga filled with adventure and wonder that will leave you amazed and enlightened.

Day 1

Aug 6th

Los Angeles, CA to St. George, UT

We met at Twain's in the parking lot at 8am
(Coldwater and Ventura, L.A.)
Some new faces from last year, left to right-
Grant, Me, Riki, Eric, Paul, Stew, Gilby,
(E.J. was tardy for the picture)
We picked up Dean and Todd before the Cajon Pass.
E.J.'s spark plugs were fried, so we had to make some pit stops before Vegas.
Vegas-Hot even in the shade.
Ricky's friend hooked us up at the Oyster Bar in Vegas.
I got the Lobster Grilled Cheese, it was good, yet horrible on my stomach.
Riki and Grant
Mesquite, NV
Virgin River Canyon, AZ

(Watch my accompanied Film for more details provided at the end of this story.)

We then proceeded to eat at Cracker Barrel in St. George and rested up for...

Day 2
Aug 7th
St. George, UT to Park City, UT

Gearin' up
A wee bit 'o rain
Almost half of my grip was packed with film and camera equipment.
The old days of actually finding decent film on the road are long gone. Super 8?
Fah-get abowt it!
We picked up Kevin sometime in the middle of the day, he came in from Berkley, CA
Then there were 11.
Bridal Veil Falls

No Vacancy, we had to rethink our hotel situation
due to the art festival in Park City. Damn art fags.
We ended up on the other part of town.
Gilby in the Lobby
We went to a bowling alley and played some games.
Kevin and Grant
This was Kevin's main mood throughout the trip
We stuffed this SUV with ourselves.
This driver actually almost ran Grant down earlier in the day
while we were all pulling into our hotel.
Grant pulled over yelled at him and flipped him the bird.
Grant recognized him, but just when he was gonna say somthin' about it, this nut hit a huge dog on the street!
(watch the film for more details)

Day 3
Aug 8th
Park City, UT to Spearfish, SD
Wheels on the road at 9:30 with a brutal hangover
Grant and Eric
The Fuzz let us all off with a warning.
Independence Rock, WY
We then ate at a Steak house in Casper and rested up for...

Day 4
Aug 9th
Casper, WY to Spearfish, SD


I was still hung over coming into Spearfish and told the guys I would catch up after a nap. I then tried to meet up with everyone later who went on to
Deadwood and then to a show at Rock n' Rev, but as I went to get some gas,
the long arm of the law caught up with me... Speeding ticket, the police officer was actually cordial and only gave me a 5 over. Which means no traffic school and no strike on my license... $85? Okay.

Officer John
(with ticket in hand)

Day 5
Aug 10th
Sturgis, SD

Kevin and Eric
There were many "Babe" washes,
seems like a lucrative entrepreneurial business.

Stew and Kevin
We went to a groovy little bike show, with a plethora of tip-top historical cycles
Crocker 1 Cylinder? Nice.
Somehow the Cheeky Chap Girls always find us.
Back at The Lodge
This pretty much sums up what the rest of the night was like.

Day 7
Aug 11th

Hungover again.
Grant puttin' on some cowboy duds for our wild west photo
after we went out exploring The Black Hills

Me, Eric, Grant and Riki took a helicopter while some of the others went to Crazy Horse.
Putting on a good face while
windy and bouncy helicopter + hangover= Done
So we headed back...rested up and went out again to
Buffalo Chip! Let the Freak Fest begin!
Grant and Todd
We said our goodbyes to E.J., Eric and Paul because they shipped their bikes and flew home. Stew rode back solo.
While the rest of us stayed on our course to Albuquerque.

Day 7
Aug 12th
Spearfish, SD to Denver, CO ?

Up and at 'em
We stopped at a Wagon History museum in Lusk, WY to break up the ride a bit

Kevin and the owner, who was a direct Jewish citified transplant from Brooklyn, NY-
"You know who lives in Lusk Wyoming? A bunch a inbred hicks! That's who."
He was hilarious.
J.D. "Barrel Fingers" King
Anyways, I noticed strange sounds coming from my engine the whole morning which I was hoping was my imagination due to the fact my Sportster is an 09'. I checked my oil and it looked dirty, but I had a sufficient amount. So I decided to keep on truckin', maybe it was nothin'. About ten miles south of Lusk, my engine was getting really hot and a large burst of gas shot up in my face while crusin' at 85. We pulled over to a farm because none of us had reception. To our delight, there were some real friendly Wyoming ranch hands eager to lend us some refreshments and a phone.

They let Dean ride their horse in a matter of seconds.
The guys had fun playin' with the pigs and riding horses
while Gilby and I were in the house trying to find a tow truck.
After, they went on ahead to Cheyenne.
Kevin and I stayed behind.
While waiting for the tow truck though, a young rancher by the name of Lance took us out for a tour of the spread and we got to salt the cattle in the wide open fields and chat a bit.
Grant in Cheyenne

Gilby, Grant, and Riki went ahead to Cheyenne to find the Harley shop and let 'em know we were coming. Dean and Todd went along home from there.
That's all folks! The Verdict- My main cam shaft gear had some faulty bearings and wasn't getting any oil.
 I then decided to just ship back and fly home. Gilby, Grant and Riki then proceeded to Albuquerque, then home.

The End.

Watch this.